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Our premium interior detailing service is only available with a Full Detailing Package. As we strive to provide the best auto detailing services in Olympia this is for people seeking the highest quality possible, when it comes to your interior. Each package includes the best surface reconditioning system available to effectively deep clean and decontaminate your vehicle.

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a Fresh experience for your car

We understand how much time you spend inside your vehicle, and just like you we love a clean crisp interior. We spend the time to clean all surfaces thoroughly to bring fresh new life to your interior.


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Headlight Restoration

A headlight restoration can enhance visibility by up to 140 percent. Cloudy or yellowed headlight lenses may dramatically decrease the effectiveness of your headlights, even if the bulb is brand new. We utilized the proper techniques to not scratch your headlight or damage your paint. We mask around each headlight prior to work being done. We use Pro grade Ceramic Coating to seal your headlights.

Starts At $199

Engine Bay

Why detailing your car engine is so important? Engine bays accumulate dirt very quickly, and if this is not thoroughly cleaned off, it can lead to the degradation of essential components. It also gives you the opportunity to inspect for any other signs of engine damage such as leaks and corrosion.

Starts At $99

Ozone Treatment

Want to remove any bacteria on your interior surface and within the fibers of your seats? Have a nasty odor in your vehicle?  Get our Ozone treatment add-on to your package! Ozone treatment is the use of the gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses.

We will place an ozone generator in your vehicle for a designated amount of time, depending on the strength of the odor. As the gas permeates your car, the odor is neutralized and any bacteria and viruses are killed.

Starts At $100

Pet Hair Removal

Is your furry member of the family leaving hair in your upholstery and all around inside your interior? Not to worry add-on our professional pet hair removal service to get your interior looking like new.

Starts At $100

Trunk/ Trunk Jams

Trunk will be thoroughly vacuumed and trunk jambs will be blown out of any debris and gentle cleaned and finished off with a detail spray to make those trunk jambs pop!

Starts At $25

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Caro Romano Rosa
2 months ago
I recently visited this auto detail shop to get a ceramic coat applied to my brand new Crosstrek. John, the owner, is an awesome person who took the time to educate me on maintaining the coating. His diverse pricing options cater to various budgets. The results were outstanding; despite daily rain, the coating is holding up beautifully. This shop is now my go-to for all car needs. Thank you, John, for the exceptional service!
Steve Lynch
8 months ago
I recently took my black, GMC AT-4 HD truck to John to have ceramic coating. The truck looks amazing, actually better than when it was brand new. The truck looks like a black mirror. I could not be happier with the job John did and the service and care he puts into every job he does.
Daniel Browning
a year ago
As a business owner myself, I am very cautious about whom I leave reviews for… as I would expect my customers to be. Oly Recon is hands down the best ‘detail’ shop I’ve ever used… although it’s much more than a detail. Completely reconditioned my old Land Rover… took a 20 year old paint job and made it darn near new. The ceramic coating is absolutely phenomenal. Today I took my wife’s Cadillac in for its quarterly detail and ceramic touch up. Looks better than the day we bought it. I won’t say it’s cheap!… but its absolutely fair!… And if you care about your rig, this is the spot. He’s taken care of all our rigs for 3+ years now. Worth every penny!
Tracy Dugard
10 months ago
We are very happy with the work John did. Didn't know what to expect with the ceramic coating on our Mustang but we just picked it up this evening and were blown away with the quality of his work and attention to detail. Would definitely recommend him to anybody that wants a first class professional to work on their baby. Awesome job.
Cathy Overton
2 months ago
I highly recommend John and Olympia Auto Recon for your vehicle detailing. I called him while price shopping for ceramic coating and protection for my new BMW. He spent time with me explaining the processes available and the pros and cons to ceramic coating and PPF. His prices were competitive with other establishments, and well below the basic services the dealership was offering. I ended up deciding on a 9 year Ceramic coating, window and wheel coating, and he referred me to Tint Fresh LLC(also highly recommended ) for PPF on the front of my car as well. When I took it in for the detailing, he cleaned and checked for paint correction, took it to Tint Fresh for the PPF, then completed the ceramic coating process. When we picked it up he gave us many tips on how to wash and keep the coating looking pristine. The car looks beautiful, and it was wonderful to work with John and his crew.

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Have more questions?

Get the answers to your most common queries regarding our Interior Detailing process and services to get a smooth start in your detailing journey.

How do I to care for my interior trim?

Most interior trim (dashboard, console, doors, etc.) consists of a combination of vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather, which can be cared for with many of the same products, so there is no need to get a product for each material. Some products are strictly meant for cleaning, some are just for protection and others have a combination of both. In general products strictly meant for cleaning or protection are more effective than options that do both. If you need a serious cleaning then we highly recommend picking up a separate cleaner and protectant.

Even if your vehicle is relatively clean we recommend at a minimum of 1 – 2 times per year you use just a cleaner on the interior for a more thorough cleaning. If your vehicle is well maintained than you may be able to use a cleaner and protectant in one bottle for maintenance cleanings. For the vinyl, plastic, rubber, carpets and mats our Interior Detailer is a great product. It’s a highly effective and very versatile formula that is very gentle. If you want some outstanding protection afterward our Trim ceramic coating is a great choice for rubber, leather, vinyl, plastic, etc. It leaves a nice dark finish that is not glossy or greasy while providing outstanding UV protection.

How do I clean and protect carpet?

Caring for your fabrics is pretty simple, but unfortunately your carpets often see the most wear and tear since you are constantly bringing in dirt, debris and contamination from your shoes. First off remove your mats and be careful not to dump dirt and pebbles on the mat on to the carpets while removing them. A quick vacuum will help remove the obvious build ups if you haven’t cleaned the carpets and mats recently, but don’t get fussy you’ll vacuum them again later in this process.

A firm bristle brush is one of the most underrated tools in detailing and can be used next to loosen debris embedded in the carpets. Start brushing in a corner and work your way towards one mid point from all corners and sections. Once you’ve made a pile of debris, use a vacuum to remove it. Continue this same process for each fabric section and if you have fabric seats start with them and move on to the carpets and mats second. After making an initial pass with the brush and vacuum, spot treat any stains with a fabric cleaner.

Most cleaners should dwell on the fabric for 1 – 2 minutes, then scrub them again with a bristle brush in multiple different directions with medium pressure. The brushes bristles will get in between the carpet fibers and help bring contaminants to the surface. At the same time the bristles will break up stains and build ups on the surface. If stubborn stains persist spray them again with your cleaner and dip your brush in a tray of hot water before scrubbing them again with medium to firm pressure.

When you are satisfied with the cleaning, use the vacuum if needed to remove any visible debris. Once your carpet has completely dried, we recommend protecting your carpet. We use our FIBER Ceramic formula, this is a great example of a fabric protectant. This will help prevent stains from forming in the future and will make cleaning your fabrics easier in the long run. Simply mist some product onto your carpet, mats and upholstery for a barrier of protection and you are done. The carpets will continue to look and feel completely natural but they will resist moisture and stains.

Why is Interior Care Important?

Caring for your interior is just as important as your exterior. You spend the most time inside your vehicle and your passengers often take notice of how clean, or not so clean, your interior is. It’s important to protect your interior trim and leather from harmful UV rays that can potentially dry out and fade your interior. Keep your interior looking like new so you enjoy getting into your vehicle each and every time.

Will any of my interior be damaged due to harsh chemicals?

No, all chemicals we use are professional grade and water based products, which are absolutely safe for all interior types.

Will my seats be wet after getting them shampooed?

No, we don’t saturated your seats with much water at all. Our wand we utilize uses minimal water to extract any stain from the surface of your cloth seats.