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Services to enhance and maintain your vehicle for longer, once you’ve received our Ceramic Coating Service.

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It is important to only use proper wash techniques and products safe for your coated vehicle. This will ensure it will last the specified durability and more.


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Caro Romano Rosa
2 months ago
I recently visited this auto detail shop to get a ceramic coat applied to my brand new Crosstrek. John, the owner, is an awesome person who took the time to educate me on maintaining the coating. His diverse pricing options cater to various budgets. The results were outstanding; despite daily rain, the coating is holding up beautifully. This shop is now my go-to for all car needs. Thank you, John, for the exceptional service!
Steve Lynch
8 months ago
I recently took my black, GMC AT-4 HD truck to John to have ceramic coating. The truck looks amazing, actually better than when it was brand new. The truck looks like a black mirror. I could not be happier with the job John did and the service and care he puts into every job he does.
Daniel Browning
a year ago
As a business owner myself, I am very cautious about whom I leave reviews for… as I would expect my customers to be. Oly Recon is hands down the best ‘detail’ shop I’ve ever used… although it’s much more than a detail. Completely reconditioned my old Land Rover… took a 20 year old paint job and made it darn near new. The ceramic coating is absolutely phenomenal. Today I took my wife’s Cadillac in for its quarterly detail and ceramic touch up. Looks better than the day we bought it. I won’t say it’s cheap!… but its absolutely fair!… And if you care about your rig, this is the spot. He’s taken care of all our rigs for 3+ years now. Worth every penny!
Tracy Dugard
10 months ago
We are very happy with the work John did. Didn't know what to expect with the ceramic coating on our Mustang but we just picked it up this evening and were blown away with the quality of his work and attention to detail. Would definitely recommend him to anybody that wants a first class professional to work on their baby. Awesome job.
Cathy Overton
2 months ago
I highly recommend John and Olympia Auto Recon for your vehicle detailing. I called him while price shopping for ceramic coating and protection for my new BMW. He spent time with me explaining the processes available and the pros and cons to ceramic coating and PPF. His prices were competitive with other establishments, and well below the basic services the dealership was offering. I ended up deciding on a 9 year Ceramic coating, window and wheel coating, and he referred me to Tint Fresh LLC(also highly recommended ) for PPF on the front of my car as well. When I took it in for the detailing, he cleaned and checked for paint correction, took it to Tint Fresh for the PPF, then completed the ceramic coating process. When we picked it up he gave us many tips on how to wash and keep the coating looking pristine. The car looks beautiful, and it was wonderful to work with John and his crew.

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Have more questions?

Get the answers to your most common queries regarding our Ceramic After Care process and services to get a smooth start in your detailing journey.

How long does ceramic coating last on wheels?

A professional ceramic coating can last around 3 years if you take care of your wheels, with often routine maintenance. This means continuing to clean them somewhat regularly and generally treating them with care. To note: a ceramic coating will not prevent scratches or chips.

How do you clean ceramic coated wheels?

After getting your wheels ceramic coated cleanup will be a breeze. We recommend using a soap free of wax and is pH neutral to wash the wheels. The coating is there so that dust and grime do not collect on your wheels in the first place, so cleanups become super easy.

How can you tell if a wheel is ceramic coated?

If you want to know if a car has a ceramic coating, take the car for a drive. Spray the car with water; as you increase the speed of the vehicle, water beads will gather into streams that will flow from your vehicle. In the absence of ceramic coating, the drops of water will cling to the car’s surface.

Should I ceramic coat my wheels?

Ceramic Coating is proven to help protect your wheels and make them look cleaner and newer for longer. In the grand scheme of things, purchasing ceramic coating when you buy new wheels is a great investment for what it’s worth. Protects wheels from dirt and debris encountered when off-roading.

Does ceramic coating prevent brake dust?

Yes, some brake dust will still stick to top layer of your coated wheels, only difference is that all the fine brake dust will be blown off while you drive. Also, its a night and day experience on the time you will take to do your maintenance washes. Also, the protective coating left behind helps shield wheels from corrosive brake dust, road grime, salt, and anything else that could wreak havoc on your wheels’ delicate finish.

Will ceramic coating protect my wheels from curb rash?

No, ceramic coating is designed to protect your wheel and calipers from harsh brake dust and everyday wear and tear to your wheels.

What are the benefits of having my wheels ceramic coated?

Often you find yourself searching for a dedicated wheel cleaner to do the job, after getting your wheels coated it will not only make it super easy to keep clean but you will no longer need a dedicated wheel cleaner, simply a pH balanced soap will do the trick.

Will you remove my wheels to coat?

Wheels-Off Service includes the removal of wheels. Suspension components, brake calipers and wheel wells will receive thorough steam cleaning and decontamination. The wheels will be deep cleaned inside and out. This package also includes a second layer of ceramic coating for enhanced protection and durability.