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Gtechniq Accredited

Protect what drives you!


Ceramic coatings are the most advanced form of protection for your vehicles paint, windows, wheels, interior surfaces. There are many benefits a ceramic coating offers, that a typical wax or paint sealant simply cant provide. 



Hydrophobic properties

Abrasion resistant

Self cleaning effects

Ease of maintenance

Just to name a few!


Weather you are looking for protecting your daily driver or new car. Its the best way to keep it looking new long term!


Or when you are protecting that investment car, that show car, that weekend date night car, we have you covered!


Ceramic coatings for all!

No matter what kind of car you drive we always give you the best for what your needs are! Everyones cars are different, no matter the make and model. Some are kept outside, some inside, some tunnel washed and some hand washed. We take the time to get to know you, so we can recommend the best coating for the life style of your vehicle!

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